Over the Transom is a design studio intent on refracting domestic spheres through various cultural prisms. Our origins spring from grant funded research investigating emancipatory architectures in الجمهورية التونسية (The Republic of Tunisia), following the Jasmine Revolution. This research seeded an interest in asking how small scale, provisional structures are necessary for shaping possible futures in our built environment. We think about how a house asserts agency in an ecosystem of houses. We think about how a garden can subvert the domestic order of a home. We think nature is a cultural construct enmeshed in a historic context. We explore a variety of tactics for creating wilds—our architectures locate where to contest areas of human control.

From this position, Over the Transom Studio derives its meaning from the publishing phrase expressing the unsolicited nature of our work that we extend into the essence of our design thinking.

For more information about our work, please contact us at the following:[e] info@overthetransom.studio

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